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Tired of .... 

weighing more than you want to? 

Almost every woman has felt a little heavier than she would like to be at some point in her life. You may be struggling with getting that pregnancy weight off, or maybe it's just "the curse of the thirty's or forty's etc. You used to be able to get away with anything, but well...let's just say "things have changed" There are tons of dietary plans, books, magazines, blogs and seminars on weight loss, and it can get pretty overwhelming and confusing. 

Dr. Cylla is here to help you with a few tips: 

Cut down on carbs e.g. pastries, pasta, rice, potatoes. Carbs should NEVER be more than 1/3 of your meal. You may want to consider replacing a lot of your carbs with cauliflower. You'll be amazed to find out it tastes good! check out more on cauliflower recipes: 


2) Decrease your portions. Let's face it. Most of us generally eat more than we need to. Simply because it's there. If you must, change the size of your plate (and don't heap up :)) Decide how much you're going to eat, and stick to that. Don't hurry for seconds. It takes the brain a while to recognize that the belly is full. 

3) Don't underestimate those unplanned calories. What do I mean? For example, you were not planning to have those donuts today, but you got to work and someone had brought in 2 dozen donuts and hot coffee... 

4) Have your biggest meal before 6 p.m. if possible. I know sometimes it's just not feasible, but as much as you can, you want to give yourself a good 3 hours between dinner and bedtime. 

5) Exercise between dinner and bedtime. It doesn't have to be "hard core". The worst thing you can do is have a big meal, sit and watch TV for 3 hours and go to bed. If you're going to do that, exercise with every commercial- whatever you want, jumping jacks, sit ups, squats, small weights, walk back and forth in your living room. We often underestimate these little things, but it can make the difference between a size x and a size x + 2 , or more seriously, having a weight related health problem or being in good health. 

6) If you can, start your biggest meal with salad. It's amazing how much less you eat after you've had a salad. (Watch the dressing!) 

7) Walk every day. Try to get an hour in. It can be at a stretch or divided up, but your goal is to get that hour in, and whenever possible, take the stairs. 

8) Check your pantry and your fridge. There are some things you need to discard. Chances are that you will not get up, put your coat on, get your car keys and drive to the store to get that double chocolate cookie at 9 p.m. if you don't have it at home. Stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables, low fat yogurt, low fat string cheese, 

9)Starvation is BAD! Eat small frequent meals. This will keep your metabolism high. Otherwise, your brain thinks there is a shortage of food in the world and goes into storage mode. 

10) Drink plenty of water. At least 8 eight ounce glasses a day 


Allow yourself to be human. It’s OK if on a day or week, you just seem to be binging on all the wrong foods. It's OK, hit the reset button and start over! 

If you're doing everything you can and just cannot seem to lose weight, talk to your doctor. There may be an underlying health issue such as a low functioning thyroid or the effect of certain medications you may be taking, etc. 

Also, if you are taking certain diabetes or blood pressure medications, talk to your doctor. Some of these tips may not be right for you. 

Let me know your thoughts and questions.




Faith that works 

Today's blog is short and to the point .
Faith works... if you don't doubt.
"Wait a minute Cylla, are you saying I won't see what I'm believing for if I ever have a doubt, are you saying you never doubt"
I'm glad you asked.
Doubt will always come. But it comes to the door of your mind, and the decision rests with you to either let it in or not. It cannot contaminate your faith until you open the door and let it in.
So how do you let doubt in? By speaking it.
example: you're believing God for a child. This is your 5th year trying. You just prayed this morning " Lord I thank you that I will have my child"
Then at noon,  you see your period . Doubt knocks loudly. In fact, it tries to barge in. You start  crying your mascara out, and then you say" I will never have a child, it's not in the cards for me, I should just forget about it. This hurts too much.
" No! No!! No!!!  Halt! Let's rewind. This is how it should go :you see your period, doubt rushes to the door, tries to break in, you cry your mascara off, and then you say" oooh but I know my Redeemer lives, I know His word is that I will bear fruit in season, I know it may take time but it will surely come to pass, in  fact, I declare that I will have twins, Lord this hurts, but I trust you!"
That's how you overcome doubt and press into your faith. Your faith will work!  Remember the scriptures, "when you pray, believe that you have received and you will have it." God CANNOT lie!


Ruth 1: 8 -18 
When Naomi decided to go back to the land of Israel, both her daughters in law said they would leave with her. In fact, they both started on the journey back with her. But at some point in the journey, Naomi urged them to leave, stating, reasonably, that she had nothing to offer them. They had lost their husbands, and they had no children. One could even make the case that this woman, Naomi, was “bad luck” 

But at the moment of decision, determination was not found in Orpah. She heeded to the coaxing of her mother in-law, and turned back to Moab. And that is the last we hear of Orpah. 

But Ruth was determined. She saw beyond the natural. She had heard the stories about the God of the Israelites. She had heard how He had defeated Egypt, parted the Red Sea, and given Israel great victories against the armies and gods of other nations. She had revelation about this God, and nothing could make her turn back to the gods of her motherland, to her comfort zone. 

With revelation, came faith- faith that this God could do anything, and although they had nothing, He was able turn their nothing into a great thing! 
And with faith came determination, with which she said the famous words ”where you go, I will go, your people will be my people and your God will be my God”. And that is how Ruth became a great great…..great grandmother of Jesus Christ! 

Two women at the point of decision, one faded into oblivion and one has a whole book of the Bible named after her, and is in the genealogy of Jesus Christ! 
Are you at the point of decision right now? Are you focusing on the natural, or are you seeking God’s mind (revelation) on the issue? Are you looking at the issue with faith or with fear?  Are you determined, or will you give up? Will you be an Orpah or a Ruth ?


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